Gran Turismo 5 details from E3 2010

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We are as excited in covering some aspects of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) as we were for the 2010 Auto Expo. Why? Well, while Auto Expo gave us a chance to get up-close to those wonderful cars and bikes, E3 showcases the various platforms where we can drive or ride those exotics in umm, virtual reality. Something is better than nothing, isn’t it? What we have here now are new details on the Gran Turismo 5 driving simulator. If you read our news piece on Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 3, you will remember that we yet again criticised Sony Entertainment and Polyphony Digital for endlessly shifting the launch dates for the game. However, this time it seems that the duo have finalised the date and if they are being honest, then expect the game to hit the Indian stores in the first week of November 2010. What’s more, the final edition is going to support 3D viewing as well and thanks to the enormous data capacity of the Blu-Ray disc, you’ll have those thousands of cars available at your disposal on one single disc. Now its totally upto you to decide your preferred way of looking like a retard – either by wearing large 3D glasses all the time, or standing on the floor making driving gestures without any controller while playing the next Forza with Microsoft Kinect! We prefer the latter, but let us know your choice in the comments box below…

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  • Rohan Dheman says:

    @Rash: Bro they have also been testing a silver CRV for a bit now. No Badges or anything. Current body shape. will try and send u the snap next time i spot it.

  • Rash a.k.a Rohit Par says:

    @Rajeev, the Civic will be upgraded next year. This Accord is being tested only for the engine – the diesel. This body won't come here…

  • Rajeev says:

    Thats a mean looking car. Does the accord need a new version already? why cant they upgrade the civic instead?