Government’s pilot project fuels two-wheelers by CNG


CNG Honda Activa (3)

A recent pilot program announced by the government of India suggests retrofitting two-wheelers such as the Honda Activa in order to curb the problem of pollution. The program was inaugurated at a CNG station located, CGO complex, New Delhi.

The project is a joint initiative by Indraprastha Gas (IGL) and the central government. The program also features inputs from Gas Authority of India (GAIL). To begin with, 50 two-wheelers will be equipped with retrofitted CNG kits. It is said that the retrofitted CNG kits have been approved by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI).

CNG Honda Activa (1)

Although the cost and installation of the CNG kit are unclear, reports suggest that it is likely that the government will make it available at an attractive price. The said kits have been fitted on 50 units of the Honda Activa belonging to a popular pizza chain. With the help of the program, the government hopes to reduce the emissions that are emitted from the two-wheelers. The influencing point for the consumers will be that the CNG will be more affordable and hence improve the running cost.

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It is also said that if the program is successful in the capital, it would be eventually carried ahead across areas where CNG is available. Reports suggest that the CNG run two-wheelers will emit 75% less hydrocarbons as well as 20% less carbon emissions.

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