Government to Bring in Unified Driving Licenses from October

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Our ministers are trying their best to make our roads safer and cleaner. Multiple steps, like the introduction of speed cameras and e-challans, have been taken towards this goal. At the manufacturing level too, the government will soon be implementing more stringent safety norms as well as new BS – VI Emission norms will come into play as well. With such commendable work still going on, the government also has plans for a unified driving license to be made available across the nation for a national central online database for all drivers. This step will make sure that one can find information on any driver at one place without having to coordinate from a particular transport office. The new license would be made available from the month of October in our country.

Current Driver license front side

The front side will have a common format across all states.

Made according to new regulations, the new driving licenses would take place of the existing smart cards or even the booklet type licenses which are still used by a number of people. Being unified, the card will look the same and also have the same features across the country, irrespective of whichever state you get it from. These new licenses will come with a QR code which would help authorities to know the history of the driver. The QR code will hold information which includes drivers data and traffic violations for up to the last 10 years. An NFC enabled chip will also be embedded in this new license and an emergency contact number will be printed on its reverse side.

Current license backside

The backside will have an emergency contact number

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Apart from the new driving licenses, the government will also be bringing in a unified registration card for all vehicles as well, which will also be stored in a centralised manner. Following a similar design as the new driving licenses, this new registration card will come with a chip in the front side and a QR code printed on the rear side. This card will hold information like owner details, fuel type, emission details, and chassis and engine numbers. The cards also are expected to be made of better quality materials and ink, unlike the current cards which are known to be prone to fading after a timespan of certain years.

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