Government Gives Nod To Vehicle Standardisation As Per Global Norms


In an attempt to improve the country’s logistics efficiency, the Central Government has issued a notification to standardise and increase dimensions of motor vehicles in the country. The changes will apply to two-wheelers, three-wheelers, buses, trailers, and goods carriers.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has come out with a notification in this regard to amending Rule-93 relating to dimensions of motor vehicles under the Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989.

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“These amendments would provide for standardization in the dimensions of the Motor Vehicles which would be in line with international standards and a step by the Ministry to improve the logistics efficiency in the country,” the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways said. It further added that the enhanced dimensions would provide for extra passengers or extra carrying capacity within the prescribed weight.

What are the proposed changes?

According to the proposed amendment, two-wheelers can have a maximum length of 4-meters and a maximum height of 2.5-meters. Three-wheeler height has been increased from 2.2 meters to 2.5 meters and a Pneumatic trailer through this notification has been made at par with Modular Hydraulic Trailer. The length of the buses with two axles will increase to 13.5-meters from the current 12-meter length.

“Road Trains with length at par with EU at 25.25 mtrs have been proposed to be included on select routes,” as per the notification which also said that the dimension, particularly the height of the N category (goods vehicles) vehicles has been amended to encourage containerised transport.

“The dimensions, particularly the height of the M category vehicles has been amended from 3.8 meters to 4.0 meters except in the case of Airport passenger bus (retained at 3.8 meters), in line with international UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) standards,” as per the notification.

The length of the Trailers (T category) has been amended from 18.0 meters to 18.75 meters to accommodate ISO standards containers of 45 feet. The height of the trailer is amended from 3.8 meters to 4.0 meters with certain exceptions. Semi-trailers carrying ISO series/ freight containers or fabricated/ refrigerated containers or with containerized body shall not exceed 4.52 meter, the notification said.

In case of truck-trailers and tractor-trailers that are employed with auto manufacturers to carry motor vehicles, and or construction equipment, livestock, white goods with a closed body, or meant to carry indivisible goods, the overall height has been proposed to be no more than 4.75-meters.

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While it seems a great step to standardise the vehicles as per global norms, implementing them all at once can prove to be tricky. Altering the dimensions of the vehicles alone wouldn’t help the logistics industry become efficient but also the condition of the roads across the country need to improve.


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