Google Glass: A future ‘must-have’ for bikers?

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Google Glass GPS Navigation

What if you could have a GPS navigation device running in front of your eyes all the time, suggestions on places of interest popping up while riding through a major town, logging your trail, listening to music, answering a phone call, record videos on the move or even answering your trivia questions- and all of this without using your hands?

Google Glass

Say hello to one of the most desirable pieces of gadgetry from the internet giant Google. Developed by Google X Lab, Google Glass is essentially a wearable computer with a head-mount display (similar to heads up display in cars). Weighing over a staggering 3.5 kgs while unveiled in August 2011, the present generation weighs as much as your sunglasses. The aforementioned complex functions are in addition to the basic set of actions that it can perform at voice command inputs. Seems cool, doesn’t it?

Google Glass-2

But then as it goes for saying, there are always two sides to a coin- particularly from the safety point of view. The gadget MIGHT pose a risk to rider’s safety if the share of concentration during a ride is more on the gadget than on the road. But with judicious use, it would indeed serve a useful companion for a better ride experience. Additionally, though traffic updates on Google Maps is still in a paleo-age at present in our country, it’s quite possible that in the near future- your pair of glasses would alert of a chock-a-block ahead and suggest an alternate route to your destination. And yes, the legal guidelines permitting use of such a device is another barrier to the success of the Glass.

So do you still want one? The following link might help:

And there’s a demo too for your viewing pleasure!

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