Google and Ford plan to revolutionize self-driving car tech with their new partnership

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Google self driving car first prototypeGoogle has planned to get into a joint venture (JV) with carmaker giant, Ford; with a mission to develop and accelerate the production of driverless cars. The JV and it’s details will be out at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas which will take place in January 2016.

Google driverless car LS450h


Google’s partnership with Ford, saves billions of dollars and period of several years for the search engine giant of establishing its own automotive manufacturing unit. Reportedly the two companies will be creating an independent joint venture, a structure that protects both the organizations from potential liability. Being a non-exclusive deal, Google can get into partnerships with other car-makers too. Since Google does not want to get into the car-making business, therefore Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google said that the company has been looking for opportunities to partner with manufacturers who would use Google’s self-driving tech. The company believes that their bespoke tech will help eliminate a lot of road casualties.


Ford’s car designing and making tech will underpin Google’s prototypes and the fusion will further translate into a four-wheeled reality. In simple words, the blue oval will build a wheeled hardware around the self-driving tech while Google focuses on the core driverless capabilities of it. After commissioning the final product, self-driving cars, will not just substitute human operated cars but will also extend mobility and extend its service to unexplored markets.


Couple of months ago Tesla had stunned the automotive world with its ‘AutoPilot’ system for its cars. The feature enabled cars could drive occupants from their location to destination with ease. Also the tech could easily enable the car to maneuver and drive efficiently. Many consumers found the new tech a boon, and a few misused it too.

Google driverless car Prius

The  Google and Ford joint venture is very ambitious and viable, but may take a long while to materialize into real world. Both companies are trailblazers in their respective fields and can engineer a masterpiece that will chuck every other car-maker out of the park.

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