Golfer wins BMW i8 for getting a hole-in-one!


bmw i8
I remember very clearly, this new phone i bought at a time, when if you had a phone with a colour screen, people would take interest in building up a conversation with you and then ask something amazing like, does it show the colour blue?

I would spend hours on that phone, sometimes trying to operate it near people’s noses, just to show off while i traveled in a crowded Mumbai local train. It had an amazing game which i’m not sure i understood how to play, all i knew was, it was called ‘Lets Golf’. As time passed i understood the intent is to hit the ball in a hole, which seemed too far for the pretty girl in the game to hit. I tried, tried very hard, never could get a hole-in-one, even in a video game which had a girl in it.

bmw i8 press

Now an Englishman has managed for real, what i could not in a video game. Professional golfer James Heath scored a hole-in-one at the BMW International Open and BMW decided to reward him with a brand-new BMW i8. James, while being interviewed disclosed, the award was more than triple the highest cheque he’s ever recieved. He managed to hit a hole-in-one on the 16th hole from a distance of nearly 150 meters.

Watch how to win a BMW in the video below.

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