GM regains its World No.1 title, topples Toyota

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GM, the American carmaker, which only a couple of years ago has filed for bankruptcy, and was suggested to wrap-up its business has managed to bring its glory days back rather quickly. For the first half of the year (Jan-July 2011), GM has managed to take its nose ahead of Toyota, which has been struck majorly by the recent trsunami and earthquakes in Japan. For the first six months of the year GM has managed to sell 45.3 lakh units of vehicles. In comparison, VW AG of Germany has managed to sell 41.3 lakh vehicles, while Toyota has been relegated to a distant third position at 37.1 lakh units.

The situation may not sustain though as Toyota is recovering from the loss in sales it suffered as Japan stutters back to steadiness. For the moment, however, the top honchos at GM have a reason to pat their own back for incorporating radical changes promoting better design and efficiency within the company’s products in a short period of time.

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