Fully functional Tron Lightcycle sold for US$ 77,000

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Tron Lightcycle Auctioned

Well this wasn’t just a show piece- but a fully functional Tron Lightcycle that was sold for a whopping US$ 77,000 lately to a bidder who seems to stay away from enjoying the limelight of being the lucky one to have acquired a legendary piece of machinery.

With the reserve price set by Auction house RM Sotheby between US$25,000 to US$ 40,000- the auction price of US$ 77,000 was more than one could have expected to fetch. The Tron motorcycle is stated to be virtually brand new as it was only ridden around for storage purpose.

Tron lightcycle tyres

The fully working Tron Legacy Motorcycle from the house of Disney moves around with the aid of a 96 volt direct drive electric motor with the power fed by a multiple set of lithium ion batteries. The throttle is computer controlled and with electric motors at the helm, expect the Tron Lightcycle to be absolutely quiet.

Tron Lightcycle brakes

Slowing and stopping the motorcycle is brought about by front and rear hydraulic brakes. Comforting factor is taken care by rebound and compression damping with spring-preload front and a rigid rear suspension. With a very low seat height of 28.5 inches, the Tron Lightcycle is easy to ride even at low speeds

Tron Motorcycle sold

As in the movie, it doesn’t travel as fast to leave any trail of light- but does look super cool in dark.

Tron lightcycle lights

RM Sotheby describes the Tron Lightcycle as “a highly compelling work of mobile art that has an enduring connection to pop culture and would be an ideal piece for any collection of movie memorabilia. It is unlikely that a similar motorcycle will ever be produced or made available for purchase, making this a truly unique opportunity.”

Our congratulations to the lucky owner.

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