Fuel Efficiency Labels Mandatory By March 2012, Voluntary As Of Now

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It’s a very well-known fact that Indian Automobile buyer is a very fuel economy conscious buyer. Much of the trait is backed by reasons such as relatively lower disposable income and the unpredictable hikes which the Government makes in the fuel prices. With the recent hikes the Petrol car market in in some serious danger and the Government has no plans to relent with another price hike in view.

The Government had announced two years back that they planned a fuel efficiency label on new cars which will help the consumer to know the real certified fuel efficiency of the car. Many times the showroom dealer misguides the buyer with arbitrary fuel efficiency fiogures. Now finally all the talks between the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, the Automobile Biggies, Highway Ministry and Road Transport department seem to have found a feasible solution.

Fuel efficiency label rules and pilot project is all set, and will be implemented in the next 2-3 weeks with little finalization left. To start with, the labeling will be voluntary but it will be made compulsory by March 2012, after which every manufacturer will have to stick this label on its cars. Any manufacturer failing to stick the label will face penalties and obviously will face a bad name through the Media.

What do you think will putting these label mentioning the fuel efficiency really help you to choose the right car?


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  • Chaitanya Vedak says:

    yeah, somewhere close to Mumbai-Pune region. so further meets can happen there. that will definitely be something to look forward to.

  • Deepak Dongre says:

    Awesome….hope something comes near Mumbai too!