Ford India to launch 8 new vehicles by 2015, Ford Figo to be exported to 50 new markets!


Ford today made two striking announcements which revealed that the firm will launch 8 new vehicles in India by the middle of the decade and that the rapid selling Ford Figo will be exported to 50 new markets. With these moves, Ford expects to widen its share in the rapidly growing Indian market. The Ford Figo has made an enormous success in India as well as abroad. Ford intends to expand this success further by exporting the Ford Figo to 50 new markets including Mexico, North Africa and the Middle East starting next year. Joe Hinrichs, president of Ford Asia Pacific and Africa (APA), and Michael Boneham, president and managing director, Ford India made the announcements today at the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) Conference in New Delhi.

Joe Hinrichs said, “We have big plans for India and for this region. As we have seen from the spectacular early success of the Ford Figo, more and more Indian consumers appreciate the fuel efficient, economical, high quality, safe, and fun-to-drive vehicles that Ford offers. By the middle of this decade, we will introduce 8 new vehicles to India from our global platforms, in segments appropriate for this market. This is part of our ‘better plan’ to bring more and more vehicles from our vast global portfolio to India and other markets in Asia Pacific and Africa.” He added, “Introducing eight new vehicles by the middle of the decade is an ambitious plan that will have tremendous impact on our manufacturing operations, supply chain, dealers and employees. As part of our better plan for India, we are working today to make sure the value chain is ready for the demands we will place on it in the years to come.”

“Although the vast majority of vehicles we produce in India will help satisfy growing local demand, we also continue to pursue export opportunities. We are pleased to announce that Ford India will export our locally-produced, hot-selling Ford Figo to 50 new markets, including Mexico, North Africa and the Middle East starting next year,” said Michael Boneham.

The Ford Figo was launched by Ford in India in the first quarter of the year and ever since, the firm has managed to sell more than 30,000 units (in 25 weeks). The Figo made its way to South Africa from the month of May 2010 where the Fiesta (known over there as “ikon”) and Diesel Powertrains are also exported.


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