Ford dealer gives 2015 Taurus to man who walked 21 miles to work daily in last 10 years


You might have read this news of how a man in the USA walked 21 miles (34 km) daily for 10 years to reach his workplace and how the news went viral all over the cyberspace. Now, a Ford dealer has gifted the 56-year-old man named James Robertson a brand new 2015MY. According to reports, James Robertson chose to walk to work after his Honda broke down in the year 2005. The reason was that he couldn’t afford a new car. Taurus after finding out he has been walking 21 miles to work every day in the last 10 years.


After going viral all over the internet, someone initiated a campaign on GoFundMe as an attempt to raise $5,000 to buy James a car. The campaign raised a whopping amount of more than $325,447.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Suburban Ford of Sterling Heights in Michigan heard the story and decided to reward James who in the past 10 years never showed up late at work and had a perfect attendance. They presented him with a top-of-the-line 2015 Ford Taurus draped in red. James used to take the bus for 2 miles and then walk 21 miles to get to his job as a an injection molder at a factory in Rochester Hills.


Also, we wonder, if he walked 21 miles daily, why didn’t he buy a bicycle for his commute. The bicycle would have saved him a lot of time and energy over the whole decade. What do you have to say about this ? Feel free to drop your comments below.

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  • gahan shreshta says:

    dude…i was thinking the same yesterday that,can i walk to my work place(8km around) when my bike get a big problem…today this thing made me to think i can too…hats off to your iron legs James…