Ford C-MAX Solar Energi concept details revealed

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Ford has released some details and pics of the upcoming C-MAX Solar Energi concept that will be unveiled at the 2014 CES.

The Ford C-MAX Solar Energi concept can be charged using both an electric outlet or by using the sun’s energy! The new plug-in hybrid concept sports solar panels on the roof that enable the car using sun’s energy.  A part of this solar charging system is a concentrator, which acts like a magnifying glass and channelizes sun rays to roof mounted solar panels. Ford claims that the maximum charge that the sun car provide to C-MAX in a day is equivalent to conventional charging using electric outlet.


As per Ford, annual greenhouse gas emissions in US are likely to be reduced by four metric tons if all the light four wheelers in the country are to adopt this solar technology. Ford’s study goes on to claim that as much as 75% of car usage by an average driver could be powered by solar energy, thereby making a huge impact on the total greenhouse gas emissions.

The Ford C-MAX Solar Energi Concept has been developed by Ford in collaboration with San Jose, Calif.-based SunPower Corp. and Atlanta-based Georgia Institute of Technology.

As we said earlier, the new Ford C-MAX Solar Energi will be showcased at the 2014 International CES in Las Vegas.

 What do you feel about this new technology? Does it give us a glimpse of the future of automobiles? Do share your views by penning them down in the comments section below.

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