Footkhana Video- Ken Block vs Star Neymar Jr.

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Regulars here would know that we’ve been posting a fair bit about the latest Footkhana series of video from Castrol. (CLICK HERE for our first Footkhana Story) Now, Ken Block has released a new video together with football star Neymar Jr. In Castrol Footkhana, you have Castrol Ambassador Neymar Jr leading a team of world champion freestyle footballers against Ken Block and his rally car. In this video series, Ken and Neymar Jr push the boundaries of performance and attempt ground-breaking new skills.

We worked with one of the best football strikers in the world, Mr. Neymar Jr., so I had my work cut out for me” said Block. “But, I was up to the challenge and did some accuracy placement stuff with the car and my driving lines where I was hitting the footballs into the net. That was actually a fun and new concept for me. I really think the fans will enjoy it.

This video has already racked up around 1 million views in a day! Check it out fellas!


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