Fire incinerates a Ferrari F430 in Hong Kong

Fire incinerates a Ferrari F430 in Hong Kong. Another prancing horse joins the list of melted down Ferraris.

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This horse is on fire!

We have all heard of those stories where a gorgeous Ferrari erupts into flames without provocation. Seems like there is another prancing horse that’s bit the lip of death, this time in Hong Kong. This city is not new to such incidences, as it has witnessed a couple of other cases of “red-hot” Ferraris. In the pictures you can clearly see a white Ferrari F430 completely engulfed in flames. This incident took place on a highway in the Chinese city and according to preliminary reports, the F430 didn’t collide with any other vehicle on the road and this leads us to believe that the supercar suffered spontaneous combustion.

And it won’t be prancing, anymore.

Here you can see the engine bay which housed the 4.3-litre V8.

It is immediately apparent from these pictures that the once proud supercar has been reduced to nothing but its bare-metal form (burnt metal, rather). Ferrari is not new to such incidences and ten 458 Italias were burned to a crisp back in 2010, within a very short period of time. This made the Italian supercar manufacturer to recall over 1,200 458s to fix the fire issue. We can imagine it won’t be funny when your Ferrari goes up in flames, and it’s not even a dragon.

Source – GTSpirit

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