Fiat Hosts the screening of the Kolkata KnightRiders and Mumbai India IPL match at the FIAT Caffe, Pune

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Fiat Group Automobiles India Pvt Ltd (FGAIPL) recently played host to a special screening of the IPL match between the Kolkata KnightRiders and Mumbai Indians at the FIAT Caffe in Pune. The special screening is a first of a series of initiatives undertaken by FGAIPL to engage with incumbent and prospective customers

The FIAT Caffe hosted close to 70 customers who were treated to the aptly titled ‘Clash of the Titans’ contest between the Kolkata KnightRiders and Mumbai Indians. The Caffe served complimentary drinks and snacks to the customers and the customers also received a complimentary service coupon which will entitle them to a car wash, car polish and car cleaning at any FIAT authorised workshop in India. Accompanying the coupon was the specially designed FIAT T-Shirt which was handed over to all the customers to express gratitude.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Nagesh Basavanahalli, President and Managing Director of FIAT Chrysler Operations, said, “FIAT Chrysler India has embarked on a progressive transition journey and through these initiatives, we will strive to engage with our incumbent customers since they form an integral part of the FIAT family. Through these initiatives, we will also reach out to the prospective customers by communicating the after sales and the innovative warranty benefits that FIAT India provides.”

Mr. Nagesh Basavanahalli, delighted with the atmosphere at the FIAT Caffe, said he would consider screenings of sports matches at other FIAT Caffes across the country. 

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