Fiat Abarth Punto bookings commence at Rs 20,000, launch expected in October 2015

Fiat Abarth Punto bookings commence at Rs 20,000, launch expected in October 2015. The Abarth Punto can currently be only be booked at the Fiat Caffe.

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The India bound Fiat Abarth Punto, after being unveiled at the Buddh International Circuit, has inched closer to its launch as certain dealerships have commenced the booking process at a token amount of Rs 20,000. The quickest Punto, as reported by Hemanth Anand of the Team Fiat Moto Club group on Facebook, will most likely be launched on October 10, 2015. Currently, the Abarth badge equipped upcoming, high-performance Punto can only be booked at the Fiat Caffe and, as suggested by Anand in the Facebook post, is expected to be priced at Rs 10 lakh (ex-showroom Bangalore).

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The new Abarth Punto will sit at the top of the chart of Fiat’s Punto series and will be powered by a 1.4-litre T-Jet engine that is also seen on the Fiat Linea. The Abarth version of the Punto which is already on sale in Europe churns out a healthy 180 hp of power from a four-cylinder turbocharged engine. While Fiat remained tight-lipped about the performance figures of the India-spec model, earlier reports suggested that the upcoming Abarth Punto will put up 145 bhp of power and 196Nm of torque from the Linea sourced T-Jet engine.

Who would compete against the new Punto? There is really no direct competition to the upcoming Abarth Punto in terms of performance, yet. The new Abarth Punto will go like hot cakes if Fiat manages to price this upcoming performance hatchback at the aforementioned price tag.

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  • satya says:

    So basically you are saying that since its FIAT there will be all the road taxes and other things applicable the car will cost 13+ lacs but since Octavia which is ex showroom 6 lakhs expensive (16 lacs ex showroom) from Skoda it will have no such charges… you will get it on road at 16 lacs… crazy mathematics…

    India is India because of you dude… hahaha

  • Tikka Bimbrahw says:

    Hope Fiat prices the Punto Abarth reasonably. Secondly the parts used specially the shock absorbers and suspension should be sourced from the right quarters. The ones being used in Punto, Linea and avventura are sub standard. Some cars give a magic carpet ride and others are like Maruti Gypsy. Fiat has to guard against such inconsistencies !

  • Abarth says:

    10 lakhs ex showroom? That comes to around 13+ onroad in bangalore for a hatch. It will find buyers in the enthusiast category but dont expect it to sell like hot cakes. Very few ppl will be willing to pay 13+ lakhs for a petrol hatch with good but not great performance. I would rather add another 3 lakhs and buy an ambition octavia tsi where i also get way more leg room and luggage space and also much much better quality interiors.