Ferrari Dials Things Back To Sensuous With The One-Off Omologata

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A unique Ferrari was spotted lapping Fiorano in a Rosso Magma finish and sophisticated racing livery. Along with the V12 engine’s roar, the new Ferrari Omologata flaunted its curves around the track’s, presenting itself as a fitting expression of Ferrari’s great GT tradition spanning seven decades of history. This latest offering in Ferrari’s line of unique coach-built models took a little over two years to complete from the initial presentation of sketches to its modern architecture. The Omologata is based on the 812 Superfast and is the 10th V12 front-engined exclusive offering from Ferrari.

ferrari_omologata side

Ferrari claims to have unlocked every possible area of freedom from the underlying package of the 812 Superfast, with the windscreen and headlights being the only bodywork elements carried over. The rest of its bodywork is hand-crafted from aluminium and is said to feature “almost subliminal” detailing. As per Ferrari, the trickiest aspect was striking the ideal balance between expressiveness and restraint: the Omologata had to ooze street presence whilst maintaining a very pure formal language. The designers carefully studied the stance and attitude of the car from all angles, defining a tapering front volume from the flattened oval grille. The rounded section over the front wheel arches, emphasized by a contrasting stripe wrapping across the bonnet, seems to naturally extrude from the grille.

At the rear end, the flank develops into a very potent rear muscle that neatly blends upwards into the three-quarter panel. The entire volume is rendered deliberately imposing through the elimination of the rear quarter light, while three horizontal transversal cuts in the fastback volume visually lower the rear mass. The tail is surmounted by a prominent spoiler which adds not only downforce, but a more aggressive, sporty stance. Overall, the car appears to be poised to attack the tarmac even at a standstill and, seen from the rear, the deeply set single taillights underline the tension.


The design team was led by Flavio Manzoni. The Omologata was indeed a keyword that resonated throughout the development of this, the 10th front-engined V12 one-off Ferrari has delivered since the 2009 P540 Superfast Aperta. Beyond the clear instructions coming from the client and down to every detail on the car, the designers effectively took into account countless variables to make this a bespoke model through and through, one which could easily find its place in any Ferrari showroom. The quest for the ultimate touch went as far as developing a new shade of red just for the livery, to match the fiery triple-layer Rosso Magma over the darkened carbon-fibre finish.

Inside the cabin, the electric blue seats, finished in a tasteful combination of leather and Jeans Aunde fabric with 4-point racing harnesses, stand out against a full black interior. In the absence of rear quarter lights and screen, the atmosphere in the cabin is purposeful, reminiscent of a bygone era. Metal parts on the dashboard and steering wheel are finished with the crackled paint effect associated with the great GT racers of the 1950s and 1960s as well as with Ferrari’s engine cam covers. A hammered paint effect so often used in cars such as the 250 LM and 250 GTO finds its way on details such as the inner door handles and on the Ferrari F1 bridge.


Apart from the design, other mechanical specifications and performance figures for the Omologata, will be revealed later. However, the parent of this supercar, the front-engined rear-wheel-drive 812 Superfast produces 800bhp of power and comes equipped with a 6.5-litre, naturally-aspirated V12 engine which helps it record a 0-100kmph in just 2.9sec. This Ferrari 812 Superfast is currently available in Indian markets, at a price of Rs 5.98 crore.

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