Has Ferrari Built a One-off, V12 Powered 458 Coupe?

Ferrari is said to be building an one-off Ferrari 458 with a V12 heart. This should be epic!

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Ferrari is known to treat its wealthiest of customers with bespoke, one-off derivatives of their existing models at their request. Of course, they’ll also need a big fat pay cheque to go along with it.


The 458 has had a handful of such spin-offs during its tenure, the most noteworthy of them being the Ferrari SP-12 built for Eric Clapton, and the most recent being the Ferrari 450 MM Speciale built for one well-heeled British customer.

Now, Instagram user and LaFerrari owner gregb.23 has shared these images of what is supposedly another one-off 458. But this might be the most interesting one yet, as the folks at Maranello have actually shoe-horned their sublime V12 engine inside this particular 458.


But there’s still an element of mystery surrounding this one-of-a-kind Ferrari. Gregb.23 says that “it’s a V12, it’s not a LaFerrari, it’s not a V8 and not a 488 body”. In one of the teasers, one can see the matte black paint-job, racing latches and a portion of the V12 engine that now sits in place of the regular model’s V8 engine.

Whatever it is, we can’t wait to see it and know more about it. Stay tuned!

One-off Ferrari 458 V12 (3)
One-off Ferrari 458 V12 (2)
One-off Ferrari 458 V12 (1)

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