Fake Alloy On A Bentley Breaks In The Middle of The Drive

Here's why you should opt for OEM equipment of quality aftermarket accessories. Fake Alloy On A Bentley Breaks In The Middle of The Drive

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Imagine what would’ve happened if quartermaster, a.k.a Q had skimped on materials while making equipment for James Bond; or if the Vibranium Steel alloy in Captain America’s shield was mixed with some cheaper metal. Reel life History would’ve been so much different and we would’ve seen Hydra in command of the world. Things aren’t too different in real life either.

So here’s one more reason, why you should opt for OEM accessories, if not branded aftermarket equipment, for your ride. A Bentley owner, who was probably too awestruck from the Audi S8’s wheel design, learnt it the hard way. One of the aftermarket wheels on the yellow Bentley, as seen in the images, couldn’t stand the test of time as it cracked under pressure while the luxury car was on the move.

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The details are scarce but as one can see in the images, the aftermarket wheel, a rip-off of the Audi S8’s wheel and also of an inferior quality, has come off the hub. The incident may have taken at slow speed as there isn’t any visible damage to the luxury vehicle.

Safety should be top on your list when buying aftermarket accessories for your vehicles. Always trust in OEM accessories or quality aftermarket products, especially when it comes to crucial parts, such as wheels.

If you thought you’ve seen that Bentley before, it would probably be in Sony Music’s Video Saturday Saturday by Indeep Bakshi feat Badshah. Here, shake a leg to the tune:

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