F1 Indian GP tickets prices may start from Rs 5000

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Some information about the price of the tickets for the first Indian F1 GP to be organized at the Buddha International circuit has surfaced. The price of the tickets may start from Rs 5000, and may go all the way up to Rs 30,000. While that may not sound like a lot of money to the well heeled, it indeed is a hefty sum of money for those who belong to the great Indian middle class. More importantly, this is F1, and not cricket – so the possibility of enough number of people willing to shell out that sort of money for the event is quite bleak, unless the organizers do a BCCI and reserve more than 50 percent tickets for ‘dignitaries’.

In our opinion, there should be some cheaper tickets, especially for students. For all we know there may be some special tickets for the students after all. Since no official word has come out, we still have every reason to hope that the tickets may indeed turn out to be cheaper.

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