England: Ten minutes into ownership, man rams his McLaren 650S into a tree

One particular owner from Essex, England crashed his McLaren 650S into a tree barely 10 minutes after taking delivery of the exotic.

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McLaren 650S crash 1

For those of you who believe that deep pockets are enough to maintain exotic cars such as Lamborghini’s Ferrari’s and Porsche’s of the world, take it from us, you’re wrong. Have all the wealth of the world but you would still need the sense on how to drive these vehicles and where to test them to their limits or rather in the following case, where not to.

Take the case of this guy who recently took the delivery of his brand new McLaren 650S. The astonishing fact being that this unlucky owner crashed his super-car just minutes into its ownership. The vehicle, that comes with a price tag of $ 265,500 (approximately INR 1.77 crore without taxes and duties), crashed into a tree barely 10 minutes after the driver celebrated the delivery of the McLaren with champagne.

McLaren 650S crash

Reports suggest that the incident, which took place in Essex, England, saw the exotic ram head on into the tree with the front fascia taking most of the impact. Reports further went on to suggest that the posterior of the vehicle was damaged due to a sign post. No one was said to have been injured in the crash although local police have asked witnesses to come ahead and divulge any information they have.

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Powering the McLaren 650S is a 3.8 litre V8 engine that produces a massive power output of 650 PS at 7250 rpm while the peak torque of 678 Nm comes up at 6000 rpm. Power is sent to wheels with the help of 7 speed dual clutch gearbox. The 650S can sprint from naught to 100 km/hr in 3 seconds flat while 8.4 seconds is what it takes to reach the 200 km/hr mark. The top speed of this potent vehicle stands at 333 km/hr.

Source: Mirror UK

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