Electric vehicles’ customers to avail from subsidies, says Delhi govt

Electric vehicles' customers to avail from subsidies, says Delhi govt. The government is doing their best to push forth the EV idea to the customers.

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India isn’t really known for it’s electric vehicles’ (EV) fan-following or their chart-melting sales figures. We are not huge fans of EVs since they don’t really appeal to the drivers within us, but that said, we do see their point in existence in the market and how they can contribute to making the polluted air in our city a little less toxic. So in a bid to save the planet, to boost sales for the festive season and to serve as a shot in the arm for the masses to go the electric way, Delhi government has decided to provide the buyers of these vehicles (either electric scooters or cars) a 15% subsidy off the MRP of the vehicle on their purchase. The amount is to be credited back to the customer’s bank account within a span of two months from the date of purchase of the electric vehicle.

The buyers will not only benefit from a reduced MRP on the initial purchase, but will also see other bright sides of opting an EV. These include niceties such as zero VAT and a mouth-watering (probably) 50% off on road-tax for the buyer. All these discounts, says the Delhi high-command, is sure to reel-in a lot of customers. We think the govt. knows that we Indians love discounts, whether it’s applicable on fruits and veggies, or vehicles.

“The 15 percent subsidy coupled with VAT exemption and the 50 percent discount in road tax is yet another indication of the growing government support and endorsement of a greener mode of transport.  We think this is only the beginning of greater things to come and a sure sign that the government will definitely continue to create the right eco system for greater adoption of EVs,” says Sohinder Gill, who is the director of the Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles (SMEV).

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Electric scooters, supposedly, profit from 60% cheaper running costs, 70% more hassle-free to maintain and a completely believable 90% less polluting than their petrol-powered siblings. And apparently, over 45,000 happy customers have benefited from purchasing these scooters thanks in-part to the subsidies and the above-mentioned points.

If these rechargeable whisperers of the streets will catch on despite these profitable outlines, is to be seen.

Source – Autocar India

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  • Atul Somaya says:

    Hi Suraj,

    Happy to learn about the policy encouraging buyers through your article.

    How far are the manufacturers or designers have a scope of showing off their talents in this field in INDIA ?

    Till date, to best of my knowledge, only hybrid designs are acceptable to our MORTH and TCO and ARAI. They do not understand the concept called all electric vehicle…surprised? There is no mention of conversion to an EV for exiting models.

    The reason of raising this issue is, we have a complete design for conversion of nay existing vehicle to an EV regardless of it’s size. As well as a design for a self charging vehicle which can go without recharging for a very long range of distances.

    Is there any new development on policy? Please enlighten me if so.

    If no, tell me whom this matter should be addressed to.

    Atul SOmaya

    098200 36645