Earth Energy EV To Unveil Three Electric Vehicles Tomorrow, Including An Electric Cruiser

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Tomorrow is going to be a rather busy and happening day for automobile enthusiasts. 26th January is already etched in our minds, given the fact that our beloved nation became a republic on this day but now, there are a lot more reasons to look forward to tomorrow. And Earth Energy EV has given us another reason. The electric vehicle manufacturer has teased the launch of as much as 3 new electric vehicles. Two of them are going to be electric motorcycles while one is going to be an electric scooter.

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The teaser image doesn’t reveal much but the shadowy silhouettes do reveal that Earth Energy is all set to roll out a roadster, a scooter and a cruiser soon.

Energy earth electric vehicles


It is also being reported that the company intends to bring out six commercial and non-commercial products by the end of this year. If we look at the current EV scenario, we don’t have any electric cruiser, at least in India. If Earth Energy indeed comes up with an electric cruiser, they might enjoy the first-mover advantage.

earth energy electric motorcycle

We can also expect modern features like LED lighting, Bluetooth-enabled instrument cluster and other gizmos to make the cut. The other offering, as being speculated, is going to be an electric roadster. Once launched, it will rival the likes of Revolt RV300 and RV400. The third and final product will be an electric scooter with enhanced range and features.

earth energy Electric scooter

Electric Motorcycle :Ultraviolette F77

Talking about electric motorcycles, the Ultraviolette F77 is probably the best electric motorcycle which will be manufactured in our country. It was unveiled back in November 2019 and the company did open bookings for it while the deliveries were set to commence from the third quarter of 2020. But as expected, the pandemic played a spoilsport here as well and the whole timeline seems a little messed up now. The good news and the latest update regarding the F77 is that the company has started testing the F77 out on the streets.

Electric Motorcycle Ultraviolette F77

Electric Motorcycle :Ultraviolette F77

The company recently shared an image of a prototype of F77 being tested on Instagram. We can expect the F77 to enter the production line sometime this year, if all goes well.

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