Dutch Research: Pink cars are not stolen!

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A recent Dutch research / survey has come out with an interesting yet expected observation. Out of the thousands of cars that get stolen every now and then, it is the white or black colour cars that are most preferred amongst thieves as compared to colours like yellow, orange, gold etc. The results for last year show that out of the cars stolen in the Dutch-land, 20% were white, 17% were shades of black or grey and 13% were shades of blue. The research explains that these colours being less flashy, gel easily into the crowd as compared to the brighter shades like yellow and gold. Nevertheless, there were reports of a few bright ones getting stolen too. But one colour that the thieves have never coaxed themselves into stealing a car with is ‘Pink’. The researching honchos had sampled as many as 109 pink cars for a period of four years and guess what, none of them got stolen!

A Dutch research shows that pink coloured cars are not stolen at all as compared to white, black, grey of blue coloured cars

Why do we see more guys driving this thing?

So the moral of the story is, if you own a pink Zen Estilo you can safely park it on the road all night with all windows down, leaving the key inside and you could still find it in the same state when you wake up next morning. But if you are a guy and are not sure about your Pink Estilo’s safety in a country like ours, then you could incorporate a little more protection by writing, “I’m gay & thieves will be given a loving treatment if caught” on the bumpers.

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