DSK Motowheels records fastest sale made by a superbike brand in India

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DSK Benelli Bengaluru has registered its 100th DSK Benelli superbike delivery in the city. This landmark achievement comes within three months from the launch of the showroom, recording the quickest time for any superbike brand to hit this milestone in a particular city in India. The milestone was celebrated with a ride from DSK Benelli’s Showroom (Richmond Circle) to Kolar wherein all the 100 DSK Benelli superbike owners participated in the ride.

Ride Flag Off by Mr. Shirish Kulkarni, Chairman, DSK Motowheels

Speaking on the achievement, Mr. Shirish Kulkarni, Chairman, DSK Motowheels, said, “Bengaluru, in recent times, has emerged as a city with a particular fondness for motorsports. Since the launch of our exclusive showroom for DSK Benelli superbikes, we have received an overwhelming positive response. The remarkable feat of achieving 100 superbike sales in three months in Bengaluru alone, not only highlights the brand value and customer patronage of DSK Benelli, but also demonstrates the growing market for superbikes in India.”

Mr. Suresh Bafna, Dealer Principal, DSK Benelli Bangalore, also said, “While Benelli in itself is a renowned name worldwide, its collaboration with DSK Motowheels has played a major role in this achievement. The product quality and efficient sales and service network have further contributed to the success. We are proud to be associated with DSK Benelli, and endeavour to keep up the high standards that have been set before us.”

Ride Picture_Bengaluru

The keys to the 100th DSK Benelli superbike were personally handed over to the customer by Mr. Shirish Kulkarni in a ceremony commemorating the achievement.