Design of the upcoming Jaguar 3 series rival is ready

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It has emerged that the design of Jaguar’s upcoming BMW 3 Series rivaling small sedan has been finalized. This car could be revealed by the end of next year.

The news comes straight from Jaguar design director Ian Callum, who told Autocar that he had “finished design work” on the upcoming sedan.Ian further said that the upcoming Jag would “follow the current design trends of Jaguar” .

The upcoming car, which has been internally named as the X760, could be revealed in its concept avatar at the Paris motor show, which will be held in October 2014. The production spec model is expected to be unveiled at the 2015 Geneva show in March.

The upcoming saloon will be underpinned by Jaguar’s new rear-drive all-aluminium architecture that has been christened as the iQ[Al] (intelligent aluminium architecture). This is the same structure that underpins the Jaguar’s C-X17 SUV concept.

Callum has stated that the upcoming sedan would borrow sufficient design cues from the F-type and C-X17. “This is not a time to start changing direction,”.

The upcoming car, which will be positioned below the XF, would be produced at the carmaker’s upcoming facility at JLR’s Solihull plant. “We’ve established a beautiful design and we need to start using it on a family, and this will be part of the family. UK buyers know what a Jaguar is and looks like, but we have a bigger job to do around the world. We need to get the numbers out there and for people to be able to instantly recognise a Jaguar. The F-type is already helping this process. I think what we’ve ended up with will be a very strong contender in what, we’re under no illusions, is a very tough marketplace.”, Callum further added.

The upcoming model is also likely to give birth to a whole range of new cars that could rival the X3, 3-series Touring and 4-series coupé.

It is a hugely flexible architecture and we will make full use of it, as there’s no point just doing one car. There doesn’t just have to be one car of that size.”” said Callum.

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