Delhi police to replace Ambassador cars with the SX4

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Delhi Police has decided to replace its current fleet of Ambassador cars with the faster and more modern Maruti Suzuki SX4. The phasing out has just begun with the police department receiving twelve SX4 cars.
The Commissioner of Police Delhi, BK Gupta stated: “We are in the process of buying vehicles like Maruti SX4 that are easy to maintain and save fuel.” A proposal was sent to the Ministry of Home Affairs long time ago which was finally accepted. Mr Gupta is the first Delhi Police official to get his car replaced.

According to the commissioner, the four basic things kept in mind while choosing a replacement for Ambassador were fuel economy, maintenance cost, comfort and speed.

The SX4 cars being provided to Delhi Police Officials is equipped with a radio tag which is installed for security reasons. This is the only difference in the features of the luxury sedans provided to Delhi Police officials.

Police officials seemed quite upbeat about the move. Some of the senior police officials believe that replacing the old Ambassadors cars with SX4 will certainly change the way people perceive police cars.

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