DC Avanti to be made at upcoming Sanand plant. 2014 Launch

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DC Design can be safely credited with changing the way Indian car aficionados looked at the ‘car modifying’ scene in the country. Dilip Chhabria owned design group has been very regular at coming up with interesting looking body kits for popular Indian cars and DC Design has been winning a lot of accolades for the out of box exterior design themes and luxurious interior kits. Regulars here would know that we always try to make it a point to post about most of DC’s concept and body kits. We reported in detail when DC unveiled the Avanti sportscar at the 2012 Auto Expo. While the car did generate a good response from the car aficionados, it wasn’t for sure if the Avanti would go on sale.

Finally, good news has emerged for all those who wanted DC Avanti to become a production reality. It has emerged that DC intends to set up an INR 60 Crore manufacturing plant at Sanand in Gujarat. This facility would enable DC Design to produce its own cars.

The Avanti is being expected to go on sale for a price of INR 25 lakhs. The Avanti is a mid engined sportscar that is powered by a 2 litre Ford EcoBoost engine, which has a max power output of 240 bhp. The motor will be mated to a 6-speed manual transmission. The car tips the scales at 1,562 kgs and can accelerates from zero to 100kmph in less than 7 seconds.

Speaking to Economic Times, Dilip Chhabria said, “I want DC Design to manufacture limited edition cars. Once we are done with 4,000 units of one variant, we would phase that out and introduce a new model in the market. With aspirational young executives getting on board to own their sports car and luxury cars, we have decided to operate in the 25-30 lakh segment.”

DC Design’s production facility would be ready by 2014. The production of Avanti is likely to commence even before the completion of the upcoming plant. The initial few units of Avanti will be built at DC’s workshop in the outskirts of Pune. An early-2014 launch of Avanti is quite probable. The upcoming manufacturing facility would have an annual production capacity of 3,500 units.

Source:  Indiatimes.economictimes.com

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  • Anonymous says:

    Awesome car…. DC rocks!

  • Satish says:

    Best for people having black money. They must spend it and should get luxury feel in return lasting for 1-2 years.

  • H J Nagaraja says:

    Hideous, at best! I give DC credit fot just one thing – for having the balls to continuosly screw Indian auto-design for close to 3 decades now, whilst still reatining and expanding his uber- clientelle….the same folks who own R8s and Gallardos and 911’s come to him for crappy looking – uniqueness!!!! Of course he’s good with those VOLVO caravan interiors..standard fare amongst the filmi crowd!

  • Mathews Abraham says:

    sporty…..??!!! you call this sporty?

  • Dhairya says:

    This would be a nice car if they are able to deliver in that price range. Sporty, good looking, reasonable powerful and unique. What else one needs? I think I would get this rather than a 3 series if I had the money to buy one 🙂