Could TVS Respawn Fiero Based On Raider 125’s Platform?

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TVS, as a company in recent times, has transformed itself into a battering ram. It is destroying everything that is coming in its way. The latest weapon in its armoury is the Raider 125cc sports commuter and that too is expected to cause quite a ruckus in its segment because of the way it looks, performs out on the streets and the features it comes loaded with. TVS registered the trademark ‘Raider’ and ‘Fiero 125’ at around the same time period. And that makes us wonder, could Raider’s platform be utilized to respawn the Fiero moniker?

Fiero Raider Collage

It is true that registered trademarks don’t always bear fruit, otherwise, we would have gotten the Honda Grom years back. But going by the increasing popularity of retro-styled motorcycles, the resurrection of Fiero in a 125cc avatar could work wonders for the company.

What can we expect?

The Raider, as TVS is claiming and we can attest to this fact too, is a completely new motorcycle and TVS has gone deep into its pockets to develop this stylish 125cc commuter from the ground up. It isn’t new for manufacturers to utilize the same platform to spawn different motorcycles that cater to a different set of riders. Talking about the Fiero, TVS developed the bike using its own resources and over time, Fiero’s 147cc engine went through major improvements which resulted in an increase in power output from 12hp to 13.5hp. If it marks its return in this modern-day and age, Raider’s platform would be a well-placed bet.

Suzuki Fiero

If it does make a comeback, we can expect it to retain Raider’s 124.8cc, three-valve, air-cooled engine that puts down 11.4hp at 7,500rpm and 11.2Nm of torque at 6,000rpm. The Fiero could also borrow the same underpinnings that have worked wonders for the Raider as we found out during our brief outing with the bike. What it could do differently than Raider is the overall design philosophy. TVS did extensive market research in developing the Raider and it also found out that there currently isn’t any sporty 125cc commuter in India. Sure, the Bajaj Pulsar 125 is ‘positioned’ as a sports commuter but its platform, simply put, is a bit too old. In the same manner, if we take a look at the current crop of commuters flocking on our streets, there isn’t any retro-styled 125cc commuter or a motorcycle that could evoke a sense of nostalgia.

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TVS Raider Review (10)

The Raider’s styling, to be very honest, is a bit ‘in your face’ and the conservative lot isn’t going to appreciate its overall styling. What TVS could do, is dial down the visual drama a bit, go a more mature way and roll out a conservative looking motorcycle with the same set of features, powertrain and underpinnings as the Raider. Imagine a funky teenager with cool-looking sneakers growing up and donning formal clothes with leather shoes. Yes. The Fiero could be exactly that!

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