Could CNG be our bus ride to Electrics?


The demand for cleaner fuel is at its peak. Pollution levels are increasing beyond control, so much so, that the streets are engulfed in smog posing a great threat to the environment and thus, our health. Automobiles are the major contributors to air pollution, and although the industry is transitioning to EVs, we still have a long journey ahead of us. But this ride can indeed be made cleaner and cheaper, by the inclusion of CNG.


Driving a CNG to Reach EVs

While CNG might not be the answer to enthusiasts, it is most definitely one that will lead us to a bright and less polluted future. While it is true that CNG or Compressed Natural Gas is also a fossil fuel, when burnt it produces nearly zero emissions. Back in the day, CNG was only used in three-wheelers and that is one of the reasons for its unpopularity in the market. Today most of the leading automobile brands of our country are releasing CNG variants for their cars.


These factory-fitted CNG vehicles have better power delivery and also offer better mileage. We even get to see commercial vehicles being powered by CNG, like the Bajaj Maxima. Another factor pushing the case for CNG is the rising petrol and diesel cost. CNG still ranges between ₹60 – ₹80/ Kg, which is far less than traditional fuels. It also offers a better mileage of close to 30Km/Kg depending upon the car and the CNG kit fitted.

Maruit Suzuki Celerio CNG

CNG Vs Electric

It is a fact that the future will be dominated by electric vehicles, but as of now, the EV industry has several hurdles to overcome. From building trust to building infrastructure, the transition from ICE to Electric is bound to be tricky. CNG on the other hand has already come a long way. This near-zero-emission fuel has been spread across the entire country and one can easily find a CNG pump in his/her vicinity.

Tiago CNG bookings open

The initial cost is also a major concern, as EVs are still quite costly. CNG variants of cars will also cost more than gasoline variants but they are way cheaper in comparison to EVs. Variety is another front where CNGs push EVs down. The EV industry is in its infancy, which means that it does not offer a wide range of vehicles unlike CNG, which has a bigger range for the buyers to choose from.





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