Continental Announces Localization of Driving Safety Technologies ABS and ESC Production in India

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Local manufactures like Maruti and Mahindra have started providing ABS as standard on some models and airbags as an option even with their entry level cars. With increasing awareness and acceptance of safety technologies in vehicles, India is emerging as a focus market for airbags, Anti-lock Brake Systems (ABS) and Electronic Stability Control (ESC). The Chassis & Safety Division of international automotive supplier Continental will start within 2016 the production of ABS and ESC units in India. A new assembly line for ABS and ESC for passenger cars and later ABS for two-wheelers will be located in the existing Continental Automotive Brake Systems plant in Gurgaon, Haryana. The local production start of the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is planned for the year 2018 in Bangalore. The company targeting the delivery of its first localized ABS/ESC products for India to a leading vehicle manufacturer, by end of 2016.


“The Indian market is one of the world’s largest markets for compact cars and two-wheelers. By producing these systems in the market for the market, we are matching our portfolio to the requirements of our local customers, while keeping our technologies affordable”, said Felix Bietenbeck, Head of Continental’s business unit Vehicle Dynamics.

“India tops the list of nations in total number of road fatalities. The widespread use of ABS, airbags and ESC in vehicles can contribute considerably to reducing the number of serious injuries and fatalities on Indian roads”, said Claude d’Gama Rose, Managing Director, Continental Automotive Components India. “With decades of experience in this area, Continental offers a portfolio of high performance, advanced products which can contribute to greater road safety,” he added.

A glance at the statistics shows how important ABS is alone for motorcycles. In India, 32,524 lives were lost and over 127,000 people were injured in two wheeler accidents in 2014. Awareness and enforcement are critical in improving road safety. The recent draft notification from the Indian Ministry of Road Transport and Highways mandates that two wheelers with engine capacity exceeding 125cc manufactured from April 1, 2017 need to be fitted with anti-lock braking systems. All existing two wheelers exceeding 125cc need to be fitted with anti-lock braking systems from April 1, 2018. With this, the first solid steps have been taken towards achieving the goal of “Vision Zero”, the vision of accident-free driving, on Indian roads.

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