Codemasters Colin McRae’s DiRT3 coming

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The ‘DiRT’ franchise has been a big hit for Codemasters in the past few years. In fact, it is the best rallying game out there on your favourite gaming console, period. So what has us excited now is the new trailer from Codemasters that announces the arrival of Colin McRae’s DiRT3! What has even more excited is that the new instalment will not only allow you to race your favourite rally cars in slush, mud, snow and umm, dirt, but will also allow you slide them around in ‘Gymkhana’ challenges. Did a tickle just run down your spine? We are sure it did! You can actually take a Moster Energy liveried Ford Focus RS and show your friends can you can do better s**t than a certain Ken Block himself! Enough of the words then, watch the video on the next page>>>

Codemasters has released the official trailer of the DiRT 3 game

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