Chevrolet India To Introduce Cadillac : Official

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Chevrolet India is overwhelmed by the response it got from India over the past few years. With half a million cars running on Indian roads, the company emerged the sixth largest  in India in 2010. Chevrolet India grew at 60 % last year while  overall industry grew just 31%.

GM Indian President & M.D. Karl Slym seems to be very happy with this success and plans to introduce GM Luxury Car brand Cadillac in next couple of years here in India. After looking at the sales of luxury car brands like Mercedes, BMW & Audi which jumped around 70% sales ahead, launching a luxury brand like Cadillac seems less a risk.

With the range starting from 60-70 Lakh will it interest the Indian buyer who is infatuated by the BMW, Audi & Mercedes? Well time has the answer for that question, till then we wonder after this news how many Celebrities would go and book the Escalade.

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