Check out the decidedly cool Webasto sunroof for the Ford EcoSport

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Webasto sunroof for the Ford EcoSport

We reported in detail when the much awaited Ford EcoSport was recently launched in India.
The Ford EcoSport is quite a feature-laden vehicle, with the high-end Titanium-spec variants getting stuff like Smart Keyless entry and Push Button Start. The SYNC emergency system will come in the top two variants. The two top of the line variants also gets a CD/MP3 player and a 3.5-inch multifunction display.

However, a feature that some of us might find conspicuous by its absence is a sunroof. Before you might argue that having a sunroof is pretty pointless in the hot climatic conditions of the subcontinent, allow me to add that many of us wish to have a sunroof purely for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a vehicle. Also, having a sunroof isn’t at all a bad idea if you frequently drive to the nearby hills.

Just when we were busy looking for an optional sunroof in the EcoSport’s features list, the good folks at Webasto shot us an email informing us about their latest product.

The EcoSport that you see here in the pics has been fitted with a Webasto 300 Deluxe Medium sunroof.


This sunroof is a Spoiler Type sunroof in which the glass opens on the outside, The sunroof has a sunshade inbuilt under the glass.

The unit also comes with 2 pre-set memory options.

The operation is electrical and features like AUTO CLOSE ( roof closes as you switch off the car) and ANTI-PINCH ( Glass goes back in case there is an obstruction in its closing) are standard.

This roof takes 3hours of installation time.

Webasto is OEM for many big names in the auto industry and has been in India since a lot of years. Its product range includes many sunroofs and is available for almost every car on sale in the country. Founded by Wilhelm Baier Senior in 1908 near Munich, the company’s name comes from the initials Wilhelm Baier, Stockdorf.

The move to Bavaria was based on the first boom of the bicycle industry early in the last century and the necessary proximity to the customer. Webasto focused increasingly on accessories such as wheels, fenders and chain guards and many of the customers at the time were located in Italy. When the automobile began its definitive worldwide triumph in the thirties of the twentieth century, Webasto turned into an automotive supplier. The project began in 1932. Wilhelm Baier constructed the first automotive folding roof that could be opened or closed with just a few simple steps.











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