Check out the Lexus RC F instrument panel in this video

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We have been reporting in detail about the recently unveiled Lexus RC F. While we have posted enough about the new car’s body design and technical specifications, here is a video that shows the Lexus RC F instrument panel in action!


The new Lexus RC F instrument panel differs from the regular RC coupe’s speedo console and Lexus says that the one on the RC F takes inspiration from those used in the V10-powered LFA and aircraft cockpit instruments.

As can be seen in the image here, on the center of the RC F you’ll find a large tachometer that changes as per drive mode. It also incorporates a digi speedo and lap time recorder. On the left hand side, the instrument panel also boasts of a screen that reads out differential torque vectoring data and shows a G-Force meter, oil and water temperature gauges, mileage information and a stopwatch.

Really cool stuff, what do you say?


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