Check out this Cool Mercedes Smart Watch that can Talk with Your Car

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Mercedes-Benz has joined hands with Pebble Technology to develop a smart watch which will be shown at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. 


Pebble’s smart watch works with Mercedes-Benz’s existing Digital DriveStyle app and effectively becomes a ‘second screen’ for a smart phone. When the driver is away from the car, a host of diagnostic information can be called up, while in the car, the smart watch can be configured to vibrate to alert its driver to potential hazards such as accidents, road works and other obstructions.

Important and useful information such as reviewing fuel level, door-lock status, and vehicle location can be monitored via the Pebble smart watch, even if when you’re outside the vehicle.

Users can customise the smart watch buttons to activate Digital DriveStyle features like reporting hazards, auto-routing, Siri activation, remote-controlling media, or quickly showing nearby traffic conditions.
Pebble Technology was established via the Kickstarter crowd-funding initiative. Its smart watch retails in the United States for $150.

The new collaboration with the Silicon Valley company signifies Mercedes’ shift into the world of consumer electronics with intention to further integrate more innovative tech into its vehicles.

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  • Jacob Raj says:

    Merc has just joined hands with pebble to make an app for their car, not the watch….
    Pebble was out last year it self