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 Stockinger Safes teamed up with British car maker, Bentley, to build this safe whose prices start from $100,000 (INR 60 lakh only). Yes, you read it right ! A hundred thousand dollars for a Bentley safe. This safe will be for those ultra-rich having a fleet of ultra luxurious cars.

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This safe will have a production run of only 200 units. The surface of each piece is carefully and conscientiously primed, painted and sanded during an 18-stage process of manufacture. This process takes several weeks and is completed with a finish of the finest carnauba wax, which produces a softer look with an unusual optical depth to the paint. The safe is available in all standard Bentley exterior paints, various interior suedes and three different wood veneer panels. It is then completed with the Bentley “B” at the centre of the handle.

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The Bentley handle itself weighs 3.5 kilograms and has been milled in a 16-hour process from a single block of brass. In four more refining steps, the grip has been sanded, polished, chromed and lacquered to provide the jewelled finish.

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Around 30 different teams of experts, from engineers and technicians to craftsmen and artists, are involved in the manufacture of a Stockinger for Bentley safe model.

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The finish on the drawers and on the safe door is identical to the Bentley dashboard texture, known as engine turning. Engine turning is a labour-intensive process, associated with high quality luxury items and is traditionally found in the racing cockpit interior of one of Bentley’s earliest cars, the Bentley Blower. For the first time, the engine turning technique has been applied to the interior of a safe.

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Here are the figures of this Bentley Safe:
• Dimensions (HxWxD): 120 x 56,5 x 52 cm
• Net Weight: approx. 560 kg / 1,235 lbs
• Volume: approx. 95 l
• Security grade: VDS III / EN 1143-1
• Locking mechanism: Stocktronic (one electronic lock)
• Integrated emergency alarm
• Limited Edition: 200 safes
• Finish options: Stockinger suede
• Wood veneer panels: Birds eye maple, Burr walnut or Dark burr walnut
• if with watch winders:
• with 6 or 12 watch winders
• Turns per day : 650-900
• Winding Directions: Selectable

So, if you had this kind of moolah with you, would you spend it on this Bentley safe ? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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