Canadian Amarok P1A Electric Superbike to race at Pikes Peak 2013

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Amarok P1A Electric Superbike

Amarok Racing would be racing their Electric Superbike- the Amarak P1A at Pikes Peak International Hill Climb 2013. None other than Greg Tracy would be riding the Electric Superbike at the coveted hill climbing event. “It is truly exciting to be racing with Amarok. After talking with Amarok co-founder Michael Uhlarik, I knew this was a team of innovators who have pushed the limit building an electric motorcycle that I believe can set a record at Pikes Peak. I have been honored to race for the best factory team, for Ducati, and honestly I had planned that my next Pikes Peak pursuit would be in an enclosed vehicle.” said Tracy.

Greg Tracy

Already a 6 Time Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Champion, Greg Tracy had set the fastest climb lap at last years Pike’s Peak shattering the 10 minute barrier at 9:58:262 on a Ducati Multistrada. The 19 kms course with 156 turns, no guardrails, sheer drop-offs and a finish point of over 14,000 feet- an average speed of 120 kph on a motorcycle is pure daredevil stuff.

Speaking on the occasion  Amarok co-founder and chief designer Michael Uhlarik said “We are absolutely thrilled and very proud to have Greg ride for us. As a small, family run operation, our main objective is to work with people we like and who share our values. Amarok is about making up for big, by leveraging craft. After talking with Greg I felt like we had a lot in common.”

The 147 kgs Amarok P1A Electric Superbike runs on a 7.4 kWh lithium polymer battery and dual Agni 95R rotors producing 80 bhp. There would be other electric bikes than run a more powerful setup, but the Amarok Racing Team is concentrating more on the handling than outright acceleration and speed.

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