Buddh International Circuit Super Sunday scheduled on September 21

You can take your loved possession to Buddh International Circuit. Read ahead to know more.

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Fancy a ride/drive on world class motor racing circuit? Here is an opportunity to take your most loved possession on the Buddh International Circuit (BIC). The 5.14 km long Circuit is up for bookings as BIC officials have announced Super Sunday Inaugural Season on 21st September 2014.

So what exactly can you experience at the BIC in this event? The one day event will host five different categories. First event is the BIC Taxi Rides where people can enjoy one complete lap ride in a chauffeur driven Mercedes ML-Class, C-Class and E-Class. One lap of the race track will cost you Rs 1,000 per person with a minimum of three people sharing the same ride. The second event, named BIC Tour, has been designed to give you maximum information about the BIC race track. For Rs 900 per person, you can get a tour of the circuit.

You can also enjoy the adrenalin of riding/driving on the BIC. Bike Experience and Car Experience events provide you with an opportunity to ride/drive your own vehicle on the circuit. You will have to shell out Rs 3,000 for 30 minutes on track with your motorcycle. The Car Experience is priced at Rs 4,000 for 30 minutes on the track where you can drive your own car on the circuit. The price also includes Rs 200 food coupon. While a transponder comes free in the Bike Experience, car drivers will have to shell additional Rs 250 for the same.

Don’t worry if you do not have a car. You can opt for ‘Arrive and Drive’ event where the organisers will provide you with a car. However, you will have to shell out more money for this event as 30 minutes on the track will cost you Rs 8,000.

For bookings contact anzer.khan@jalindia.co.in & vibhu.shukla@jalindia.co.in

To participate in the event you will have to comply with following Terms & Conditions:-

  • This offer is only valid for bookings for 21st September 2014.
  • The helmet rental will be Rs 150/-.
  • Transponders free for Bike Experience. For Cars, Rs 250/- per transponder will be charged.
  • Proof of age and license is mandatory.
  • Only advance bookings accepted.

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