BSA Motorcycles Set To Make A Comeback!

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We all love and adore a classic or a retro-style motorcycle. These motorcycles bring back the old memories and experiences we shared with them. We all know the cult following these retro-style bikes have in the masses. So if a Classic brand returns with a retro-style bike with a modern touch it would be a delight for many.


BSA comeback: what you need to know

Iconic British motorcycle brand BSA is making a comeback and the company has revealed a date as well which is set on 4th December 2021. Staying true to its roots, Birmingham Small Arms or BSA will officially make a comeback at the Motorcycle Live show in its home turf, Birmingham, UK. BSA is a Mahindra Subsidiary so Mahindra is in-charge of the BSA project which was started and would be more focused on international markets, Hence the reveal is taking place in the UK. BSA started as arms and tool manufacturing and tied up with fellow British brand and bike maker Triumph for a brief period to become the largest motorcycle producer in the world.


However, due to poor management, the company’s sales tumbled massively, ultimately leading to a shutdown. Mahindra brought BSA back in 2016 which now works under Classic Legend name. It was also followed by the announcement of the company’s resurrection. On BSA social media says that the company will be revealing their ‘first new motorcycle’  on December 4, 2021. The announcement shows the silhouette of a retro motorcycle with a round headlight and a low, flat handlebar coupled with bar-end mirrors. At the moment we can speculate an Electric retro-style bike but this will surely rival the likes of Royal Enfield bikes and Honda H’ness 350.


We are eagerly waiting for the new BSA bike to be launched as this will provide the masses with one more bike to choose from. Classic Legend brand is making good progress with both BSA and Jawa brands. It will be good to see a Classic brand like BSA challenge Royal Enfield on their home turf of the retro motorcycle. A 350 cc bike which should be priced around the Royal Enfield would provide good competition.



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