Bridgestone India enters two-wheeler tyre space, introduces NEURUN brand

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Bridgestone India has announced its foray into the two-wheeler tyre market in India under the brand ‘NEURUN’. Bridgestone’s function is in the core of its mission of “Serving Society with Superior Quality” and will now offer their products and services holistically across tyre segments. India is one of the largest automobile markets in the world and two-wheeler is the most dominating segment in terms of volume sales. The two-wheeler category is growing at CAGR of 8.5% in India with an estimated 150 million number of two-wheelers on the road which is testimony of the huge potential of tyre demand.

NEURUN tyres are designed to deliver exceptional riding pleasure with proficiency for dry and wet braking. The tyres showcase high durability coupled with its excellent grip for a comfortable and safe ride. The tread blocks and grooves deliver superior grip with comfortable maneuverability for riders. NEURUN at the onset will be available in 5 sizes and 9 SKUs which will cater to 70% of the market demand. The tyres will be available at Bridgestone’s current dealer network across India from August 2016 onwards.

Bridgestone NEURUN

Speaking about the national launch, Kazuhiko Mimura, Managing Director, Bridgestone India said that globally, Bridgestone is one of the leading two-wheeler tyre manufacturers, a major OE tyre supplier to major motorcycle manufacturers in the world, and was a former sole tyre supplier to ‘Moto GP’, the world’s highest motocycle racing category with ultra-high performance two-wheeler tyre. The launch of two-wheeler tyre brand ‘NEURUN’ is a big leap for the tyre maker towards achieving its strategic expansion plan of catering to a high volume market and a wider audience reach. Bridgestone entry into the ever growing two-wheeler market in India will facilitate the tyre maker in providing a wider product range and services to its customers.

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