Bridgestone, Arlanxeo And Solvay Announce New Tyre Tech Techsyn

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Bridgestone Tyres, ARLANXEO, a synthetic rubber producer, and Solvay, one of the world´s top science companies and worldwide leader in Highly Dispersible Silica (HDS), both for innovation and for manufacturing, have announced the launch of TECHSYN, a new, co-developed tyre technology platform enabling tyres to deliver unrivalled strength and environmental performance.

Unlocking a new era of sustainable mobility TECHSYN combines chemically optimised synthetic rubber with tailor-made silica, interacting at a molecular level, to deliver outstanding performance with no trade-offs. Each material found in TECHSYN was developed in parallel by the three companies to create a tyre technology platform that provides unrivalled performance. TECHSYN enables tyres to achieve up to 30 per cent better wear efficiency and a rolling resistance that is reduced by up to six per cent, compared to other conventional Bridgestone EMIA 4 summer products, without compromising any other performance areas.

Bridgestone Techsyn

With the goal of ensuring less tyre wear and material loss, extra focus was placed on performance improvements in tyre wear throughout the development of TECHSYN. As a result of these improvements, TECHSYN augments the sustainable performance of the tyres it’s applied to by reducing overall fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and enhancing tread mileage. TECHSYN’s durability extends the designed lifespan of tyres made with it by up to 30 per cent 3 , to ultimately result in a tyre that needs to be changed less frequently and reduces the consumption of raw materials in the long-term.

As Bridgestone transforms to become a sustainable solutions company by 2050 – guided by its sustainability business framework and a series of mid-long term sustainability-focused goals –the launch of TECHSYN, a solution created with the environment front of mind, marks a significant breakthrough on this journey. TECHSYN is the result of an established three-way partnership between industry leaders Bridgestone, ARLANXEO and Solvay. Transformed from concept to reality in just 24 months, TECHSYN was made possible thanks to the unique cooperation and understanding between the three companies and a profound combined knowledge of molecular mechanisms.

TECHSYN has the unique ability to balance a tyre’s performance across rolling resistance, wear and wet grip, and can be further adapted to meet varying needs. For example, TECHSYN’s wear advantage can be converted to instead enhance the wet grip of a tyre. The flexibility TECHSYN provides is made possible thanks to Solvay’s unique advanced silica developments, ARLANXEO’s expertise in developing, manufacturing and delivering novel tyre polymers and Bridgestone’s innovative compound technology. Bridgestone is preparing implementation of TECHSYN for mass production, with various tyre categories and vehicles in mind.

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