Breaking: Pre-release Mahindra Mojo test ride video and first impressions surface (Updated)

Watch the pre-release Mahindra Mojo test ride video displays the acceleration, top speed, exhaust note and much more.


Update: Siddharth Sreekumar shares some more images of the upcoming Mahindra Mojo, including a close up image of the radiator

Mahindra Mojo Snapped - Exclusive (1)

Mahindra Mojo Snapped - Exclusive (2)

The radiator will be flanked by faux honeycomb style inserts with dull silver highlights

Mahindra Mojo Snapped - Exclusive (3)

Mahindra Mojo Snapped - Exclusive (4)

The instrument cluster packs in lot of details, including the top speed clocked during the ride.

Mahindra Mojo Snapped - Exclusive (5)

The 3D emblem on the fuel tank is a good addition

New Mahindra Mojo Spy Images (2)

UPDATE: Privacy setting of the video has been changed. You can still read the first ride impressions based on the video.

After taking about the same amount of time that the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) took to develop the Mangalyaan (we are serious here), it seems like Mahindra is finally ready to launch its much awaited 300cc motorcycle, the Mojo. We really cannot blame them for the exhaustive testing though, as ensuring that the new motorcycle meets the lofty expectations of fans is of paramount importance, and we’d rather have Mahindra take some extra time testing the product than floundering on quality. The upcoming Mahindra Mojo, it seems, has entered the production-ready phase. In a first of its kind happening, a YouTube channel namely Santoosh V features the first ride video of the motorcycle in its pre-production form. The rider in the video with the same name as the channel is seen riding the motorcycle on the highway and and on uneven, broken patches of roads. By the end of the ride, Santoosh V seems to be mighty impressed by the motorcycle.

Before we talk about the video, let us get the technical specifications out of the way. Earlier reports suggested that the new Mojo will receive an all-new 300cc, single cylinder, fuel injected engine, likely to deliver 32 bhp of power.

New Mahindra Mojo Spy Images (1)

The exhaust note of the Mahindra Mojo, as heard in the video, is mildly grunty. Unlike what one may want to think going by the exhaust note, the test rider asserts that the motorcycle is quite smooth and vibration free. The acceleration, as seen in the video, appears to be quite healthy as the motorcycle cruises into triple digit speeds briskly. The top speed achieved during the test ride was 155 kph (speedometer indicated). The test rider mentions that the power delivery is linear and is spread evenly across the rev-band. The motorcycle, according to the rider can handle city commuting as well as weekend rides with equal ease. Adding to the Mojo’s touring capabilities would be the gargantuan 20-litre fuel tank and the rider claimed fuel economy of about 27-28 kmpl which should give the upcoming motorcycle a range of over 500 kilometers on a full tank of fuel.

The ride quality is reported to be good with the suspension efficiently soaking up the uneven surfaces. The ergonomics, however, as suggested by Santoosh V, with the front-set footpegs are more commuter-ish than sporty which is a bit of a let down for such a powerful motorcycle.

New Mahindra Mojo Spy Images (4)

What’s more interesting, is that the Mahindra Mojo will be equipped with some premium features such as LED pilot lights, upside down front suspension (currently seen only on KTM motorcycles in India in the mainstream segment), a petal disc brake up front and a multi-function instrument cluster. The instrument cluster, along with the standard features, keeps a log of the top speed achieved during the ride. Another segment-first feature is the tachometer which comes with dial lights that  illuminate trailing the the tacho needle.

We expect Mahindra to introduce the motorcycle just before the festive season kicks off. Meanwhile, here is the first ride video of the much anticipated bike by Santoosh V:

Note: Motoroids doesn’t endorse or oppose the views of the rider. We will come up with our own views of the motorcycle only when we have tested the bike exhaustively ourselves.

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  • Bala says:

    Duke is for select set of audience. Duke is for say 1 out of 10,000 people who want to be unique from crowd and always like to rush. Many reviews use Duke because it has set a good record (speed and handling). This Mojo is targeted for persons who hate Duke, Duke can't be taken up for longer rides, if you did then it'd be painful. But this like Mojo a powerful cruiser can keep you smile when you ride at 120-130 just like a breeze.

    Don't expect Mojo to break records for being given 300cc. It still will be slower than a Duke or CBR250. But what it has is more torque to keep you smiling for long rides.

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  • Arul says:

    It has a lot of faux stuff and if this is the production version, then I must say the quality doesn't look quite good to me. Given the less popularity of Mahindra two wheelers, I doubt that anything above the duke 200's price would make people think.

  • sharan says:

    Well every single specs of this bike sounds like what a biker look in the 200-400 cc range bikes. But can i please see the video review. I know it is a private video, so please send the video link to my email, so that i can judge the bike through the review.