Breaking: BBC reinstates Jeremy Clarkson, May and Hammond, Top Gear to resume

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Some say he punched a man in his face. Some say he was just plain hungry. All we know is that he has been reinstated and the Stig and all his colourful cousins won’t starve jobless. In a surprise of sorts, Jeremy sent a letter of apology to Tony Hall, the BBC Director-General and the fuzzy haired producer, Oisin Tymon, the man who was at the receiving end of the funny man’s not so funny antics. Surprisingly, Jeremy found the saint within and has apologized to a few others too, who’ve had to face his wrath in the past.

Jeremy Clarkson

Our friend in Italy, who is rather close to one of the TV Show’s producers, has learnt that a new contract is being readied for at least two more seasons and his partners in crime, Richard Hammond and James May will be joining him back at the Circus. The famed set which was dismantled after the fiasco is being resurrected, while shooting for the remaining episodes in the series will resume shortly. As a gesture to wipe out the past and start afresh, the producers have even managed to convince Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche to get their flagship cars for a shootout on the TG test track.

The Big Stig Statue (1)

While official confirmation of his return will be announced in a couple days, we got our hands on the apology letter written by Jeremy Clarkson. Genuinely regretful about the incident, he talks about being overpowered by a momentary lapse of reason. He also acknowledges that years of mocking celebrities and having a shy at whoever he likes has made him an inherently dominant human being, who doesn’t, at times have control over his emotions, or acts.

In the emotionally worded letter, Jeremy also thanks Richard Hammond and James May for the solidarity they showed during a time of crisis.

Click to read the entire letter in Jeremy’s words and do let us know if it sounds like a genuine apology to you.

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