VIDEO: This 600hp Nissan RPS13 drift is so spectacular, you’ll hit the replay button!

Shawn Spiteri and gautam Singhania

This is good stuff but pales in comparison to what you’re about to watch.

The above drift is really cool, no doubt. Heck, all professional drifts are cool. However, there are some men on this planet, usually Japanese, who push the envelope of driving a car sideways and make others look like a bit of amateur. Masato Kawabata is one such man and if you haven’t guessed it already, he is from Japan. Kawabata is called the Guru of reverse entry. Reverse Entry, in the world of drifting, is when the driver performs a drift through some bends, almost facing the other way! Yes, that’s exactly why this guy is so special and perhaps, immensely god-gifted.

Insane drift by Masato Kawabata

Yes, he is facing the other way and that’s called a reverse entry.

Kawabata’s machine of choice is a rear-wheel drive, 600 horsepower Nissan 180SX that’s called the RPS13 and it has a lot of sponsor stickers on it. Regardless of the looks of this thing, it is an absolute beast and Kawabata makes it dance backwards through the corners. An astonishing feat of driving, this! Watch the video and tell us what you thought about it in the comments section, below.

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