Bounce Joins Forces With Park+ To Setup Battery Swapping Stations

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Bengaluru-based startup company Bounce is gearing up to launch its maiden electric scooter Bounce Infinity. Bounce has already announced the launch date of their electric scooter which is 2nd December 2021 and bookings will also commence from the same day. Now Bounce has announced its collaboration with a parking solution platform Park+ for setting up battery swapping infrastructure at more than 3500 locations spread over 10 cities. This framework will be available at locations like residential societies, key parking spaces, malls, corporate offices, among others, for customers to find the nearest swapping station on their Bounce App or Park+ app.

Bounce Park+

Bounce battery swapping stations will have charged-up and ready-to-go batteries available for customers that can swap their near-empty battery with a charged one in under a minute. This infrastructure will work as a fuel station so that customers wouldn’t have to be worried about the range and anxious about charging the battery.

Swap mechanism explained

The Bounce Infinity boasts a smart, removable Li-ion battery, which customers can take out and charge as per their convenience and requirement. Moreover, with the Infinity, Bounce is offering a unique ‘Battery as a service’ option – the first of its kind in the Indian market. Here, customers have the option to purchase the Bounce Infinity at a highly affordable price without the battery and use Bounce’s battery swapping network instead. Customers pay for the battery swaps, whenever they exchange an empty battery with a fully-charged one from Bounce’s swapping network. This pushes the running costs of the scooter down substantially, by as much as 40 percent compared to conventional scooters. Since batteries can account for anywhere between 40 and 50 percent of an electric scooter’s cost, removing the price of the battery makes the acquisition of an electric scooter easy on customer pockets. This will drive faster adoption of electric scooters in the Indian market. In parallel, Bounce is rapidly building a wide battery-swapping network, which will serve both its retail customers and its successful ride-sharing business

Official statements

Vivekananda Hallekere, Co-Founder & CEO, Bounce, said ” Our objective is to have our battery swapping stations to be within one kilometer of wherever you are and to enable this we have partnered with Park+. This partnership is in line with our effort to build a battery swapping infrastructure for a million+ scooters in the next 24 months.”

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Amit Lakhotia, Founder and CEO, Park+, said.”We are committed to scaling up charging infrastructure at a rapid pace through our network of solutions across corporate parks, shopping malls, and residential apartments.”

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