BMW to launch 6 series Convertible on 25th March

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BMW India is quick to bring its latest 6-series convertible to India. Soon after the international debut, the car is coming to India on the 25th of March 2011.

The previous generation 6-series convertible was quite a controversy’s child, with designers the world over having wildly varied views on its non-conformist lines. The new version, however is a different story altogether. It’s more balanced, with a blend of sleek yet powerful shapes, flowing contours and racy lines. The sweeping bonnet, long wheelbase and a clean side profile makes the new 6-series quite a looker.

The 6 series is available with two engine variants internationally. The 650i comes with a twin-turbocharged V-8 with 407 horses, while 640i comes with a 320 horsepower engine.

Both models get an eight-speed automatic gearbox, with a manual over-rode as flappy pedals behind the steering wheel. The electrically powered soft-top roof takes 19 seconds top open, while closing it takes 24 seconds. Both operations can be activated while on the move at speeds of up to 25 mph.

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  • Cookie a.k.a Gauri Lokare says:

    @Payeng- Being able to ride a bike in your basement or riding to the nearby grocery store to get milk and eggs, doesn’t really qualify as being able to “ride” a bike! 🙂 If a person can’t ride at a considerable speed to get some video panning shots, then he can’t ride at all!

  • Payeng says:


    Aamir at the launch had said: "He hasn't owned and used a motorcycle so far". Doesn't mean that he can't ride.

    Moreover a perfectionist like him won't resort to using a body double at least in his movies.

  • Cookie a.k.a Gauri L says:

    @Payeng – Aaamir had himself said at the Mojo and Stallio launch, that he can't ride a motorcycle yet 🙂 Maybe in Ghulam too, it was his body double 🙂

  • Ricci says:

    ouch ! no shots of Aamir riding and he's the brand ambassador.

    It's a waste, barring maybe a few, how many celeb BAs actually use 2 wheels aside from any film/ad shoots ?

    Given how well known Indian bike racers are among the general public (heck right now I can't recall any names with accuracy!), not a chance someone like Dilip Rogers or K Rajini will get such offers.