BMW to bid adieu to the M6!

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According to Autocar UK, BMW has stopped the production of another ‘M’ car, the M6. This is the second ‘M’ car which goes out of production, first being the E60 M5.


The reason behind all this? Well, it has got nothing to do with the economic slowdown and environment issues. As you all know, the E60 5er has been replaced by the new and a lot more subtle-F10. And the 6er is due a replacement too. Thanks to the 6er mules which have been spotted millions of times, a Paris Motor Show launch/showcase of the same is expected. The new 5 has arrived which means its ‘M’-ed cousin will follow soon. And 6er shouldn’t be an exception, so expect the same. But isn’t it too early to comment on all this. Let the 6er be launched to get a clear picture of the M6. Well, literally!

The next-gen M5 will be powered by a slightly up-tuned version of the twin-turbo V8, which does the duty in the X6M and X5M. The new M6 is most likely to be powered by the same unit.

Just Wait and watch till BMW makes an official statement, or wait till someone spots the M6 on the ‘ring.

I am going to miss the Bangle designed cars for sure. Will you?

Do let us know.

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