BMW test driver crashes into police van in Stuttgart, thankfully no major injuries

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BMW collides with police van

Test drivers are specially chosen for their impeccable driving skills and superb car control. This applies even more if the test driver is a German and is behind the wheel of a BMW. The former being the nation of perfectionists and the latter being a company famous for their dynamic and driver-centric cars. In this case, a 2016 BMW 7-Series saloon that was wearing its stealth clothing. However, even the best of the best make mistakes and so did this BMW test driver. According to some media sources in Germany, the driver of the Beemer wasn’t paying much attention to a Mercedes-Benz police van that was on its way to a crime scene. The emergency vehicle did have its bright flashing lights and the siren blaring, but the Beemer driver still managed to crash into it.

BMW crashes into police van

You can clearly see this BMWs stealth covering. The spare tyre on the police van is visible, too.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van had three policemen inside and everyone, including the vigilant test driver of the Beemer, survived this collision without any grave injuries. Ironically, the incident happened in Mercedes-Benz’s (maker of the Sprinter van) hometown of Stuttgart. Immediately after the impact, the van, thanks to its higher centre of gravity, rolled over to its side. The overall damage caused by this accident, supposedly amounts to €150,000 (over INR 1 crore)! Most of that, we think, is thanks to the luxury limo which is the BMW 7-Series. Not to mention, the expensive testing equipment that most of these test cars carry within them for monitoring purposes. Quite embarrassing for the Bavarians and we wonder, will BMW give this guy a free pass for his role in the incident. Or would he face the stick and be shown the doors by the Munich-based carmaker? At least everyone survived this, but we wonder if the criminal got away with his robbery. Hmmm…

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